Sennheiser MX 170 Earphones


Sennheiser MX 170 Headphone

Enjoy music in all its glory

This pair of Sennheiser Earphones is a replacement for all the old ways of listening to music. Earphones form a necessary part of an accessory list. Switching to these stylish headphones will allow you to not only flaunt your style but serve your purpose as well. Be it tuning into your favorite FM Radio, watching the latest video or audio, you are sure to get habitual of its high-quality sound as soon as you start using it. Now you can enjoy music while traveling, catch up your favorite shows with the utmost sound clarity and enjoy gaming with sound to enhance the experience.

Designed for comfort

Sennheiser Earphones are specially designed to comfort your ears. These give you the power to use them whenever you want to. Now you can continue to work according to your own desire. Be it your television, laptop, iPads, mobile phones, MP3 players or any other gadget, it is bound to give you a comfortable experience. Its high compatibility lets the hardcore music lovers catch every single beat of their favorite music. The wires are designed with flexibility to give you the comfort of enjoying your music without any lags while walking or engaging in some other activity.

Stylish and durable in nature

Along with other technicalities involved in designing this product, the aspect of style and design has been given equal preference as well. These Sennheiser Earphones are simple yet stylish in looks. The black color is not only classy but also doesn’t wear off easily even after long use. These are ideal as a gifting option as it can go with everyone’s style. They are highly durable and mobile which is why it is easy to carry them to work, gym or library. Its lightweight nature lets you carry them with you wherever you go.

Warranty and other features

Sennheiser Earphones come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty period. Now you can continue to use this product without any worry for a whole year. These are designed to eliminate background noise in order to enhance your hearing experience. It offers powerful sound reproduction for better sound quality along with the impeccable bass response. Its frequency response and impedance is 22 to 20,000Hz and 32 Ohms respectively. A 3.5 mm headphone jack and a 1.2 m symmetric cord is offered to facilitate portability when you attach it to a music player.

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