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CCTV Camera Service in Chennai

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CCTV camera Service in Chennai

A CCTV camera has become a must for every home and business surroundings because of the increase in crimes, accidents, theft, etc.

By placing a CCTV in the vicinity of our home or office, we can be assured of our property's safety. Not only is CCTV used outside of the premises, but it is also used inside the buildings of corporates, hospitals and educational institutions to maintain the proper order and discipline. We at Prime Infotech provide the best quality CCTV cameras at the lowest price. Apart from sales and installation of CCTV cameras, we at Prime Infotech provide the best service of CCTVs to help secure and monitor your surroundings.

Highly experienced and provide exceptional service

The technicians at Prime Infotech are highly experienced and provide exceptional service and support for the CCTV camera service and installation. Apart from providing the best service, our technicians also give expert advice and consultation on the type of CCTV camera that best suits your security and surveillance needs. With a CCTV camera, you can keep an eye on your children and elders alone at home.

Some of the CCTV camera services we provide include camera repair, DVR repair, DVR installation, optimization of existing surveillance, etc.

Some of the CCTV cameras we have available with us are Outdoor CCTV cameras, Discreet CCTV cameras, Dome CCTV cameras, Bullet CCTV cameras, PTZ CCTV cameras, Wireless CCTV cameras, IP cameras, Indoor CCTV cameras, Night Vision Cameras and many more. Our professionals are skilled at fixing and servicing all types of CCTVs while also providing the best installation support for homes, offices, apartments, residential areas, corporates, industries, institutions, etc.

Why is a CCTV camera necessary?

CCTV cameras help us keep an eye on our kids/family members at all times. It lets you record the footage of your home to know what's happening to your properties while you are away on a holiday.

It lets you record the footage of your home to know what's happening to your properties while you are away on a holiday. In corporate companies and workplaces, there will always be places of high-risk areas, where human monitoring is nearly impossible, these places can be easily monitored using CCTVs. CCTVs in banks, shops and other crowded places gives a sense of security and safety to customers. If you are searching for the best sales and service providers for CCTV cameras then Prime Infotech is your best choice. Just fill out the enquiry form for our executives to call you or just give us a call to get a consultation at a time of your convenience. One of our top professionals will assist you as per your requirements and needs.

Why is a CCTV camera necessary?

CCTV camera installation
CCTV camera repair
Optimization of existing surveillance
DVR repairs and connections
Configuration of IP cameras
Executive support round the clock
Quick and free visit diagnosis

Frequently Asked Questions

The quote for the service depends on the service availed and will be decided by the professional after gauging the work that needs to be done.

Warranty is offered as described on the bill at the time of service/ so we request you to kindly get a bill from the service personnel at the time of service.

We provide three types of DRV that help you to record and view the CCTV footage. The DVR types we provide are Embedded DVR, Hybrid DVR and PC based DVR.