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CCTV Camera Installation in Chennai

CCTV Camera Installation in Chennai

Get the top-class CCTV camera installation service at Prime Infotech.

The necessity of a CCTV camera is not to be underestimated in the current times. The increase in crime rates has made it a must to install CCTV cameras in one's premises for their sense of peace. For those looking to install a CCTV camera at their home or office, it is vital to know the storage capacity of the CCTV camera, its resolution, other special features and more. We at Prime Infotech provide the best CCTV camera installation in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Our technicians are extremely skilled and provide the best assistance for our customers. Just tell them the type of surveillance you are looking for and the type of space you want to be under surveillance, our experts will guide you in selecting the best CCTV camera that suits your needs.

Prime Infotech has created a niche for itself as one of the top security and surveillance in Chennai, with its outstanding security solutions. Whether it is for your homes, apartments, offices, businesses, hospitals, educational institutions, etc. we at Prime Infotech provide the best CCTV camera installation services. With stunning resolution and performance, we provide the latest CCTV cameras that have features like auto-focus, wireless function, varifocal lenses, thermal imaging, infrared characteristics and more. Just give us a call and our executives will get in touch with you to clarify your doubts about our services, CCTV camera installation or CCTV sales and services.

Why go for Prime Infotech?

Selecting a CCTV camera is highly crucial as getting a CCTV camera that is not up to the standard you are looking for will be a waste of money. While selecting the camera it's always best to ask questions regarding the camera resolution, its features and storage capacity. We at Prime Infotech have skilled professionals who provide the best assistance while you select your CCTV such that it perfectly matches your security requirements. We send trained technicians to provide the installation of your CCTV camera and afterwards also send in a quality officer to check and inspect the installation work. Our CCTV services ensure the best security for your home and office, where you can instantly monitor them through your smartphone whenever you want.

Special features of our CCTV services

Online streaming

Our high-resolution CCTV cameras let you monitor your home or office to check on your kids, elders or employees from your place through its online streaming feature.

Round the clock support

We provide the best customer service and support where our technicians work 24 x 7 to always be at the beck and call of the customers who are in need of support.

Customer satisfaction

We strive to prove the best service satisfaction to our customers by resolving all their queries and providing them technical support when they need it most.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide DVRs like Embedded DVR, Hybrid DVR and PC based DVR as per the customer’s requirements to help record and view the CCTV footage.

We provide CCTV installation service for almost all brands like CP Plus, Godrej, Panasonic, Zicom, Hikvision, Dahua, Sony, Bosch and many more.

The CCTV service and installation charges vary with the type of CCTV camera the customer wishes to install and avail service for.